Vivo o morto! - Tex Willer 01 cover

Series: Tex Willer

N°: 1

Frequency: monthly

Vivo o morto!

Introduction: The adventures of Tex when he still was a reckless outlaw!

Barcode: 977261184704680001

Release: 16/11/2018

Price: 3,50





70 years after his first appearance, we find Tex chased by U.S. Marshals and bounty killers, in the new issue of a new series, fast and cracking like a gunshot, with the unknown episodes of our hero’s early years! In this initial episode, by Boselli & De Angelis, we discover the background to the first, historical Tex album, “Il Totem Misterioso”, where the hatred between Tex and the shady Coffin began, and the tragic story of the beautiful Native woman, Tesah, with gunfight, ambushes, and breakneck gallops on the back of the young horse,  Dinamite!