L'ombra del Maestro - Tex 696 cover

Series: Tex

N°: 696

Frequency: monthly

L'ombra del Maestro

Introduction: What happened to the Maestro? Is he dead or alive? Who’s killing the leaders of the NYC gangs?

Barcode: 977112156104680696

Release: 06/10/2018

Price: 4,40





Tex & Carson have been invited to the execution of Andrew Liddel, the criminal mad scientist also known as the Maestro, whose face was disfigured by a disease of his own creation. Meanwhile, two other dangerous enemies of the two pards’ escaped from Misty Island. A formidable criminal ring is born, and it’s starting to threaten the streets of New York City. “Buffalo Bill” Cody summons our heroes to  Manhattan…

This issue comes with free stickers for the "Tex e gli Eroi Bonelli" sticker collection (the sticker album is embedded with Tex 695).