L'enigma dell'ippocampo - Tex Classic 40 cover

Series: Tex Classic

N°: 40

Frequency: fortnightly

L'enigma dell'ippocampo

Introduction: “What the hell... Tex Willer! I’d rather see a hundred snakes than a face like yours!”

Barcode: 977253211604780040

Release: 31/08/2018

Price: 3,50






While Tex is away, Brawley tries the final move to take the “Bar T” ranch into his clutches. But our Ranger goes back to Adairville right on time to foil the plans of the shady speculator. Now, he only has to set Nellie Delaney free from her captors, a gang of crooked henchmen on Brawley’s payroll and their leader Martin, an aggressive man who’s ready to give Tex a hard time...