Giustizia a Corpus Christi - Tex Cartonato 07 cover

Series: Tex Romanzi a Fumetti

N°: 7

Frequency: half-yearly

Giustizia a Corpus Christi

Introduction: Four men versus everybody else, in the final clash in Corpus Christi!

Barcode: 977182509904380027

Release: 23/02/2018

Price: 9,90

Plot: Boselli Mauro

Script: Boselli Mauro

Artwork: Mastantuono Corrado

Colors: Matteo Vattani

Cover: Mastantuono Corrado

Young Tex is still on the tracks of the raiders who have falsely accused him, but he needs evidence and witnesses. In a whirlwind of gunfights and unexpected turns of events, with a posse of killers on his heels, Tex will face the gang leaders in an encounter on the streets of Corpus Christi. And his Ranger friends and his brother Sam will fight at his side.