I lupi del Colorado - Tex Nuova Ristampa 428 cover

Series: Tex Nuova Ristampa

N°: 428

Frequency: monthly

I lupi del Colorado

Barcode: 977112403704370428

Release: 14/12/2017

Price: 4,40





Hypnotizing the mad Professor Sanders and then the same Indios who worshiped him as the reincarnation of Kululkàn, El Morisco decrees the end of the vile speculators who were plundering the riches of the Mayas. Later, the pards’ are charged by the army with stopping the Kimballs, a clan of inveterate thieves. Jesse, the youngest of the offspring, is in the hands of the law and his escape, using Kit Willer as an infiltrator, is used to capture the rest of the gang in their hidden den of Last Paradise!

In this album: pages 5-33, is the end of the previous adventure (art by Marcello); pages 34-114, "I lupi del Colorado" (art by Fusco).

Saturday 1 June 1996

Friday 1 October 1999

Friday 24 November 2006