Moctezuma! - Tutto Tex 560 cover

Series: Tutto Tex

N°: 560

Frequency: monthly


Introduction: Diego Villalta is dominating Moctezuma, but he'll have to face Tex!

Barcode: 977112157104570560

Release: 23/11/2017

Price: 4,40





Just a few miles beyond the Mexican border, coming from Arizona, lies a small village. Ruled for years by Don Victoriano Villalta, kind-hearted landowner, the place is now owned by Diego, brutal son of the deceased Don. The new ruler is robbing and starving his campesinos, ordering his men to kill everybody who dares to rebel! Used to get everything he fancies, Diego orders the kidnapping of a beautiful girl, daughter of poor farmer Manuel Aribas … Tex will have to restore justice in Moctezuma and give the tyrannical Diego a lesson!

Thursday 7 June 2007

Friday 24 September 2010