Nueces Valley - Maxi Tex 31

Series: Maxi Tex

N°: 21

Frequency: annual

Maxi Tex n° 21

Introduction: The legend of a great trailblazer…

Barcode: 977182645704070021

Release: 06/10/2017





The story of how Jim Bridger, the legendary mountain-man, had been a part of Tex’s life even before our Ranger was born, and how their paths crossed in the following years. This is also the story of the Nueces pioneers, who settled in a wild valley of Texas, where Comanches and desperados used to wander. It’s the story of Ken and Mae Willer, Jim Baker, Gunny Bill, Major Leavitt and brave young people like Hutch, Rod Vergil and "Damned" Dick... and two brothers, Tex and Sam Willer!