Tex Magazine 2017 cover

Series: Tex Magazine

N°: 2

Frequency: annual

Tex Magazine 2017

Introduction: The charming Frontier atmosphere and two unpublished-before, complete stories in the second Tex Magazine!

Barcode: 977112262604170143

Release: 25/01/2017

Price: 8,50





What will you find inside our second Tex Magazine? Many features about the hard and unpredictable life of the frontiersmen, with trigger-happy “bad boys”, spectacular shows by the legendary Buffalo Bill, and young heroes who, just like their famous fathers, are following the path of Justice! And also, two unpublished-before, complete Tex stories:

Freedom Ranch
Plot and script: Antonio Zamberletti
Artwork: Walter Venturi

A former Corporal in the Buffalo Soldiers, Lawrence now owns a ranch where African-Americans, Apaches, Mestizos and reformed criminals are allowed to work as free men. But a dreadful character, Blisset, who is dominating the area just can’t stand the sole existence of “Freedom ranch”. In the hard clash of the two camps, Tex Willer & Kit Carson’s hot lead will weigh on the scales of Justice!

Terrore tra i boschi
Plot and script: Chuck Dixon
Artwork: Michele Rubini

While he’s traveling on the “Woodland Flyer”, the train that runs through the Colorado forests, Kit Willer is arrested and condemned to hard labour, along with a “honest” gambler. Will Tex’s son be able to fend for himself, among a dangerous nature and the bullying by his tormentors?