Luna Comanche - Storia del West 37

Series: Storia del West

N°: 37

Frequency: monthly

Luna Comanche

Introduction: Alone among the Cheyenne, without a gun and a horse, Pat MacDonald won’t surrender… A mission awaits him: he needs to find his son Brett, who went missing after a raid on a night of Comanche moon.

Size: 19 x 27 cm, colors

Pages: 96

Barcode: 977261217804020037

Release: 02/04/2022

Price: 6,90






In the camp of the Quapaw Comanche, on the southern bank of the Canadian River, there are men like any other: strong, sad or joyful, ambitious, brave or cowardly. Running Heart is one of the latter, a gracile Comanche who’s more a poet than a warrior. He lives a hard life, even more so when his awkwardness makes him clash with a rough man, Pat MacDonald. But there’s a beating heart inside every man’s chest; you only need to listen to it…