Gli Avvoltoi - Storia del West 29

Series: Storia del West

N°: 29

Frequency: monthly

Gli Avvoltoi

Introduction: Right after the Civil War, in Texas, unscrupulous adventurers impose their ruthless law…

Size: 19x27 cm, colors

Pages: 96

Barcode: 977261217804010029

Release: 05/08/2021

Price: 6,90






The South is bent by war and defeat, helpless against the flocks of vultures who are ready to take advantage of its plight. Abramo Lincoln, one of the few people working for reconciliation, is killed in an attack. Bill Adams is tracking down Lincoln’s killer, but the armed forces prevent him from gathering information: somebody may be trying to conceal a long-lasting conspiracy. Meanwhile, the vultures arrived in Rock Spring, the village neighboring Pat MacDonald’s house…