La scelta

Series: Speciale Dylan Dog

N°: 18

La scelta

Introduction: Death, it's a well known fact, does not forget. and most of all it does not leave unsettled scores!

Barcode: 977112158002340018

Release: 21/09/2004




La scelta
Plot and script: Paola Barbato
Artwork: Luigi Piccatto

Not many people believe that Death can be a mentor. But for Dylan Dog, compelled to make a hard choice to save Groucho's life, this is just the case. The tireless Reaper shows him the meaning of choices, the thousands, unforseeable turns that one life and all the ones that connect to it, can take at the moment in which you decide one way instead of another. This is the start of a painful trip down memory lane, an unforgiving balance sheet that will force Dylan to look into himself and into the flow of time to discover what would've happened if...