Super Book n° 51

Series: Serie Super Book

N°: 51

Super Book n° 51

Introduction: A rage-crazed spirit brings madness and death to the bodies it possesses!

Barcode: 977203567700700051

Release: 14/08/2010

Price: 6,90





Plot and script: Paola Barbato
Artwork: Giancarlo Alessandrini
Cover: Claudio Villa

This time, the Nightmare Investigator has to face a peculiar kind of ghost: Ungenannt, or the "No Name". It’s a too long-forgotten spirit, perpetually in search of its identity, and crazed with rage at not being remembered by anyone. In time, it learned to possess living beings, inflicting destruction and madness to the bodies it seizes. Nobody ever survived an Ungenannt possession. Even an "old hand" as Dylan Dog is at risk of learning the hard way that life is not always the end of everything. For somebody, in fact, it’s just the beginning of an endless odyssey of loneliness!