Super Book n° 40

Series: Serie Super Book

N°: 40

Super Book n° 40

Introduction: Dylan allied with a fallen angel to counter the invasion by the infernal legions of Alhambra!

Barcode: 977112158093160040

Release: 13/12/2006

Price: 6,90





Subject and script: Robin Wood
Artwork: Giovanni Freghieri
Cover: Claudio Villa

They hover in the air, they're glowing insubstantial globes… but watch out, because they've come to snatch your body and soul. Three unexplained deaths in London and, equally unexplained, three resurrections. But those who seemed to be the enemy aren't actually the worst danger. Quite the contrary, they're the only bulwark capable of stopping the spread of Alhambra's infernal legions that are swarming all over the Earth. And Dylan will find himself fighting side by side with a fallen angel and with these scary allies, to assure salvation for everyone!