Who is Morgan Lost?

Il mondo di Morgan Lost - Chi è Morgan Lost

The world of Morgan Lost

New Heliopolis, a cruel town, ruled by an heavy bureaucracy and forever dipped into the cocooned atmosphere of a neverending snowfall...

Morgan Lost lives at the top floor of a skyscraper, in a converted loft that used to be the room for a now out-of-use turret clock. Morgan watches his city, the red sky and the snow through the large glass of the clock.

New Heliopolis features gargoyles with a jackal or a crocodile head, while the Statue of Liberty is replaced by Horus, the falcon-headed deity, who points a giant Ankh sign to the sky.

Morgan Lost's particular home (click onto the picture to expand it).

Bureaucracy seized power in New Heliopolis. Most people work 16 hours a day in mammoth offices, doing paperwork they don’t even know the meaning of. Bureaucracy views unfavorably any relationship or friendship between colleagues, since lonely people show a greater longing for material things and spend more money, making the city’s economy flourish.

In a world filled with madness and loneliness, it’s really easy to go crazy and even kill. Taking into account the fact that serial killers become bona fide “rockstars”, in their own news’ show – the most-watched TV show in New Heliopolis –, it’s easy to realize how many “nobodies" aspire to be on the news, just to nurture the illusion of being alive.

That’s why New Heliopolis is burdened with a serial-killer epidemic, with deranged and violent characters who appear to be larger than life, just as if they were out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Since police cannot sustain the impact of this situation, a special division of Killers’ Hunters has been created: their main textbook is the "Study of the Criminal Mind" by Sigmund Freud, who in this uchronia had to suffer the death of his daughter, Anna, after she was kidnapped and killed by a psychopath. In this parallel universe, the science of criminal profiling was invented by the great Austrian psychoanalyst, while in our world its creator was John Douglas, an FBI agent, during the 1970s.

The killers’ hunters are closely related to our “profilers”, the people who try to anticipate the behaviour of a serial killer by studying the method and manner of their crimes and trying to identify with their minds. It’s a very hard work, that’s at risk of destroying the personality of the investigators themselves: for this reason, Morgan Lost is a tormented and fragile man.