Who is Nathan Never

His foes

His foes

Aliens, hackers, cyberpunks, technodroids, cruel beings who dominate the future world.

Mister Alfa. Apparently of a ripe old age (but it's hard to figure out how old he really is), Mister Alfa is a central figure in Nathan Never's futuristic universe. For many long years he wove his plots in the background, and he has only recently come out as the mastermind behind many mysterious circumstances in which the Alfa agents have been embroiled. Mister Alfa, the son of a powerful Chinese mafia godfather endowed with quite extraordinary mental powers, has not inherited his father's superior abilities but has instead learned from his mother - who was cruelly killed precisely while she was attempting to defend her little boy against his father's wrath - that it's best to "darken" the mind and never reveal one's feelings. Although convinced he can control events absolutely everywhere on the whole planet, Mister Alfa claims to be actually no more than a simple witness, a man who, once certain events have been set in motion, studies their consequences with scientific curiosity. Probably, however, he cultivates a more complex plan, the details of which are only gradually coming to light and are slowly being published during the adventures involving Nathan Never and the Alfa Agency.

Aristotle Skotos. Officially the head of the religious sect called "The Divine Presence", Skotos really directs a powerful criminal organization. This organization controls many illegal bio-genetic laboratories as well as arms and drugs trafficking between Earth and orbital stations. His devoted wife Sada is always at his side. The vital essence of his son, Kal, has been poured into the cloned body of an ex-Alfa agent, Jack O'Ryan, now lost in space.
Technodroids. In Nathan's world you can't travel through time. But in the future of that same world someone has developed suitable technology for traveling from one period to another. And this is how the Technodroids - ruthless beings, half human, half mechanical - come to the Earth from a near future of war and destruction to destroy humankind.

The Quantic Man. William Campbell was a powerful and rich man. And like many powerful and rich men, he felt immortal. When he was diagnosed with a deadly cancer, the world around him seemed to collapse. But dying was not part of his plans. Helped by his almost infinite wealth and by a group of scientist working on very adavnced science projects, he designed a machine capable of piercing the barrier separating our world from the infinite parallel universes that are part of our reality. Using this machine he was hoping to merge his body with that of one  healthy William campbell from a parallel universe, and to emerge from the experiment a man forever cured. But one of the members of Biotech's (his company) top management team, growing suspicios because of the incredible increase in expenses, organized a trap to take control of the company. He led Alfa Agency to believe that in Campbell's lab a new type of drug was being created. Alfa agents, led by Nathan, assaulted the lab, causing an incident during Campbell's trip to the multiverse. Overrun by the multiverse maelstrom, Campbell did not die, but was transformed into an interdimensional being, capable of living in all universes simultaneously. His life became a terrible nightmare and, after killing the man that betrayed him, he hired Alfa Agency to help him return human again. The agents' mission failed, but Campbell, now called Quantic Man has not given up yet.... after desiring immortality...he now looks for a way to die...and he'll manage to do it!

Tecnopats .During the war between Earth and the orbiting stations, the head of the orbital government, Ada Morgan, once understood she was defeated, ordered an extreme action: throw against Earth the wreckage of the Urania orbiting station . This catastrophy was avoided thanks to Mister Alfa's choice to work together with the Alfa Agency by provididng Darver and his agents the necessary technology (three dimensional benders) to teleport the giant wreckage to a place where it would no longer do any harm. During the mission however, four Alfa agents  (Luke Sanders and the three Ross twins) died.  The radiaton leaked during this teleport acted as a "catalyst" for a mutation embedded in many of the young citizens of East City. Thanks to microsomes, bio-technological cells, these youing people acquired the capability to mentally control any kind of electronical equipment. Some of them, having particularly strong leadership, managed to organize around them real gangs, that made their leaders' passions, culture and phobias, their own. Thus were several gangs born:  Taggers (they transplant on themselves several types of skin in order to integrate the various races), Clockers, who inspire themselves to the ancient movie "A Clockwork Orange". we then have the Opliti, that follow the traditions of the ancient Spartan civilization and lastly the Neotemplars, a sort of religious fanatics. These and other gangs now live in the city slums, using their powers, often for the sake of survival or even with much more dangerious aims...