Who is Nathan Never

His friends

His friends

Legs Weaver, Sigmund Baginov, Al Goodman & Co. A pool of brave upholders of the Law.

In the 22nd Century, a State weakened by corruption and obsolete laws has delegated the fight against crime to special private "security and detective" agencies. Nathan Never works for one of these, the Alfa Agency. A special agent may be entrusted with almost any type of job - the recovery of stolen software, discovering who has tampered with a valuable robot, investigating into who is responsible for the illegal dumping of toxic waste, protecting an orbital station against terrorist raids….

Nathan came to the Agenzia Alfa following a dramatic event. A former sergeant in the Metropolitan Police, he was indirectly responsible for the death of his wife Laura, killed by a ruthless criminal called Ned Mace. His daughter Ann became autistic because of the sudden shock. The child needed expensive treatment for years and this is the only reason why Nathan accepted the job as a private agent. Nathan fights with the determination of one who wants to keep a spark of humanity alive in a world which is increasingly inhuman.

Rebecca "Legs" Weaver is Nathan's friend and colleague. Between them there is a feeling of comradeship but no emotional involvement. Tall and dark, with a sharp tongue, Legs knows how to fight in any sort of one-to-one combat and how to use all sorts of weapons. Legs Weaver has actually had her very own monthly cartoon since 1995. Together with her friend May Frayn, her adventures take place in the same world as Nathan's but the narrative tone of her series is very different. The Legs stories are action-packed and often spiced up with a bit of eroticism, but their main feature is their lively humor.       

Sigmund Baginov is a computer nerd. Short and as blind as a bat, it would seem that he prefers machines to human beings… but when we get to know him better we find out he's not really like this.

The head of the Agenzia Alfa is Solomon Darver. Gifted with a strongly individual sense of humor, Darver has replaced the previous head, Edward Reiser, who was killed by a terrorist group… but there are some who suspect that Darver is really Reiser in disguise….

Other Alfa special agents who sometimes back Nathan Never up during his missions are the meek Al Goodman, the cynic Andy Havilland, the very attractive May Frayn, a former robber now working for the Law, Branko, a huge mutated who fights to defend the rights of his people and Link, the robot. Besides the Alfa agents, Nathan Never's authors periodically bring in many other characters : the astronaut Jerry Lone, the hacker Igor, the lawyer Olivia Olling, District Attorney Sara Mc Bain who has a relationship with Nathan but does not live with him and Mary Mather, who is pregnant by a creature of the Shadow Brotherhood.