The Creator of Mister No

A short biography of Guido Nolitta

Mister No was created in 1975 by the script GUIDO NOLITTA, the pen  name of the publisher SERGIO BONELLI. The author was inspired to create the character by his travel experiences, as he was "in love" with Brazil and had a profound knowledge of the Amazon forest and the Sahara. Bonelli has said that the figure of Mister No recalls Captain Vega, the pilot of a tourism plane he met personally during his journeys around the world. This personal touch also explains the realism characterizing the series: the places visited by Mister No, as well as many of the characters Mister No meets and some of the episodes in which he appears, draw their origins directly from the author's experience. Born in Milan on December 2nd 1932, Sergio is the son of Gian Luig Bonelli, the man who created Tex Willer and so many other heroes of Italian comic strips. In order to distinguish himself from his father, Sergio preferred to sign his scripts with a pen name, Guido Nolitta. Sergio Bonelli's début as a text author took place in 1957, when he translated the Spanish series "Verdugo Ranch" into Italian and also wrote the concluding episode, which was illustrated by Franco Bignotti. Bignotti also developed the artwork for the first character conceived by Nolitta: "Un ragazzo nel Far West", dated 1958. In the same period, Nolitta also wrote some of the episodes of "Il Piccolo Ranger" and in 1960 he composed "Il Giudice Bean", a brilliant series consisting of only six episodes illustrated by the artwork of Sergio Tarquinio. The association with Tarquinio was also renewed for "Il ribelle", a short story created in the same year. But 1960 was also the year of the meeting between Sergio Bonelli and the illustrator Gallieno Ferri: Bonelli and Ferri decided to engage in joint activity, leading up to the creation, in 1961, of Zagor, a series in which almost all the stories were composed by Nolitta until 1980. In 1975 Bonelli created Mister No, a piper pilot midway between a wanderer and an adventurer, set against the background of South America in the Fifties. In 1977 he composed a script for Aurelio Galleppini entitled "L'uomo del Texas" and at the same time he started to anonymously entrust Galep and other illustrators with some of his stories for Tex. In 1985 he signed the concluding adventure of the saga of "The Little Ranger" and in 1990 he launched the mini-series "River Bill", with artwork by Francesco Gamba.