His real name is Patrick Wilding, but the Indians call him Za-gor-te-nay, "The Spirit with the Hatchet". On the old American frontier in the first half of the last century, Zagor fights to maintain peace, protect the Indian tribes and hunt down criminals.

Son of an army official retiring to live as a pioneer in the forests of the north-east, Patrick Wilding sees his parents die at the hands of a band of Abenaki Indians, led by a certain Salomon Kinsky. Taken in by a strange vagabond, the boy grows up with only one thought on his mind: revenge. When he is old enough to fulfill this he finds out that his Father had himself slaughtered many Indians, and the boy's understanding of the relativity of the concepts of good , evil and justice compels him to transform himself (with his accomplices the Sullivans, a family of acrobats who are his image makers) into Za-Gor-Te-Nay. Better still, shortened, Zagor.

He is a kind of avenger always ready to side with the weak and the oppressed, whether red, white or black, whoever they may be. Moving his shack to an island surrounded by quick-sand in a marshy area of Darkwood Forest, Zagor begins his work as a peacemaker. He becomes a veritable myth for the Indians, who believe he is an immortal spirit; he is also respected by the whites who know of his many skills.

Dressed in his unmistakable Native American Super-Hero costume, with the symbol of a thunder bird on his chest, he maintains law and order, using a pistol, but mostly his rough stone hatchet that he handles so skillfully. Agile, strong and athletic, Zagor exploits these talents to make people believe that he is the messenger of peace from the Great Spirit. He is not a solitary and arrogant avenger: quite the contrary! Loyal and generous, as well as having a vagabond soul, Zagor has numerous friends and is ready to rush, accompanied by his faithful friend Cico, to wherever there is need of him.

Woe betide the wicked man who hears the echo of his battle cry: the man's fate is already sealed! With these elements that are a clever mix of Tarzan, Robin Hood, Don Quixote, Davy Crockett and the Phantom, Sergio Bonelli, alias Guido Nolitta, started a saga in 1961 that is still evolving today. It has successfully won the favor of a large section of the public, thanks to the variety of stories which, beginning with a Western backdrop, range from horror themes to science fiction, from magic to psychological tales. The character has been graphically created by the skillful hand of Gallieno Ferri.