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Towards the summer with the Bonelli Heroes!

May/June 2020

Dear friends,

while Italy and the world are going through tense and uncertain times, our Dream Factory of via Buonarroti, fortunately, has managed not to stop (the newsstands remained open, and we heartily thank them all for that!), and continued churning out pages and pages full of stories. Even in this situation, the idea that the comic books of the Bonelli Heroes may offer a few hours' distractions, allowing you to live exciting adventures gives even more fuel to our fantasy. In the new edition of Giornale di Sergio Bonelli Editore Online, you'll find a preview to all the things we've worked on - some of us in the editorial offices, and some quarantined at home - in the last few months. We're looking forward to letting these albums come to you!

Three issues highlight the ample offering of the next two months. The first you'll find at the newsstands, in late May, is the new miniseries starring the Spirit-with-the-Hatchet: in the same well-received format of the Tex Willer series, here comes Zagor - Darkwood Novels! Sixty-four pages in black and white, with stories featuring a dramatic tone and a modern approach, connected by an intriguing narrative frame and with art by guest-stars such as Giovanni Freghieri, Franco Saudelli, and Anna Lazzarini, but also by several Darkwood "old-timers": Max Bertolini, Lola Airaghi, and Massimo Pesce.

June is the month of a new issue you don't want to miss: Dylan Dog OldBoy n.1, the new bimonthly album starring the Nightmare Investigator! One hundred eighty-eight pages with Dylan Dog as he always was, also dedicated to the readers who want to know Dylan Dog in every of his possible variation. Twelve new stories each year: that's to say that Dylan... doubles down!

Among the heavyweights in the Bonelli scene, our historical pillar is present as usual. In June, the Ranger is the leading character of the year's second Texone. In February, you had the chance to enjoy Claudio Villa's monumental oeuvre; now, a modern master of ink will ride along with Tex: Massimo Carnevale! The Roman artist has been able to visualize Mauro Boselli's script in an extraordinarily intense manner, presenting us with breath-taking pages!

There are many new issues still in our preview. We'd like to highlight the 33rd Dylan Dog Color Fest and the 39th Maxi Zagor, with the new "Racconti di Darkwood"; the new Commissario Ricciardi Magazine, with short stories and in-depth articles about the world of the character by Maurizio de Giovanni (or, better, the characters: there will be a cameo by the Bastards of Pizzofalcone). Also, Cassidy's trilogy comes to an end, while it's just the beginning for Hollywoodland - both on the pages of the monthly issues of Le Storie. There will be the last albums of Dylan Dog's 666 saga (with special covers), and the debut of Nathan Never Deep Space: our Special Agent Alfa is propelled in deep space, to live the spectacular adventure told in the three chapters of this miniseries.

If you want to find out more about the other news and events of the next two months, just leaf through the pages of the new edition of our Giornale Online.

Have a nice read!

Luca Del Savio



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Le Storie

Nathan Never

Tigre - Nathan Never 349 cover


Release: 17/06/2020

Morgan Lost

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