Requiem per un mostro

Series: Seconda Ristampa

N°: 183

Requiem per un mostro

Barcode: 977112158092460183

Release: 24/08/2006





Subject and script: Paola Barbato
Artwork: Giampiero Casertano
Cover: Angelo Stano

What sense of emptiness is left by a dying legend? A tragically futile question if whoever asks it is driven only by economic motivations. And so it is that Loch Ness, crushed in a stranglehold between the interests of a multinational involved in the commercial exploitation of Nessie, the strange schemings and plottings of local mayors and the stupid violence of those who want to kill the supposed creature of the lake, risks extinguishing its thousand-year-old existence in long melancholy death throes. Or at least, this is what would happen if it weren’t for the fact that a certain Dylan Dog is prowling around the area…

Saturday 24 November 2001

Wednesday 20 October 2004

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