Sopravvivere all'Eden

Series: Seconda Ristampa

N°: 166

Sopravvivere all'Eden

Barcode: 977112158092450166

Release: 22/03/2005





Plot and script: Pasquale Ruju
Artwork: Ugolino Cossu
Cover design: Angelo Stano

A murderer with a deformed face has left a trail of blood running through the placid life of Serenity. The perfect oasis, the community of harmony quakes at the shudder of a sinister vibration, while violence is on the rise day by day. Could there be something rotten beneath that rosy crust? Doctor Westwood doesn’t want to admit that his experiment might fail, he can’t believe that the murderer’s monstrous scowling grin might simply be a reflection in the mirror… The real face of Serenity!

Saturday 1 July 2000

Tuesday 20 May 2003

Saturday 13 March 2010