Il battito del tempo

Series: Seconda Ristampa

N°: 154

Il battito del tempo

Barcode: 977112158092440154

Release: 24/03/2004





Plot and script: Michele Medda
Artwork: Luigi Piccatto
Cover design: Angelo Stano

Eternal youth, eternal joy and bliss… Who hasn’t dreamed of such a thing? But, little by little, time penetrates like an acid and, slowly but surely, its smoldering fumes begin to burn life up. Will Peter Pan’s children, the inhabitants of Never-Never Land, be able to resign themselves to this nightmare? What are they prepared to do in order to escape old age? What violence can they perpetrate, in the desperate attempt to stop the beat of time?

Thursday 1 July 1999

Saturday 18 May 2002

Friday 13 March 2009