Abissi di follia

Series: Seconda Ristampa

N°: 148

Abissi di follia

Barcode: 977112158092430148

Release: 24/09/2003





Plot and script: Giuseppe De Nardo
Artwork: Montanari & Grassani
Cover design: Angelo Stano

Serenity House. The place where all is serene, where you can be in peace with yourself, where deranged minds can recover their balance. A therapeutic oasis, where doctors, nurses and patients… die off one b y one! Missing persons and suspicious suicides are tainting the spotless walls of the psychiatric hospital and Dylan Dog has to infiltrate himself incognito. He’s going to have to carry out an investigation in a strait-jacket!

Thursday 14 January 1999

Wednesday 14 November 2001

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