Gli uomini se ne vanno, gli arrabbiati restano - UT 04 cover

Series: UT

N°: 4

Frequency: monthly

Gli uomini se ne vanno, gli arrabbiati restano

Introduction: The appearance of Iv's original has Decio & Gau in shivers!

Barcode: 977197112700360027

Release: 23/06/2016

Price: 4,40





Plot and script: Paola Barbato
Artwork and cover: Corrado Roi

Resurfaced from earth and taken prisoner by the race of the Talpini, Caligari is unexpectedly set free by Decio. The entomologist tells him about the appearance of Iv's original, whose presence is a source of worry for Gau and himself. He orders the man to solve the situation as soon as possible. Caligari's first reaction is to incite the Hunger Streets against Iranon and Ut. In turn, Iranon and Ut feel the influence of the newcomer: though she's still dazed by her sudden awakening, Id apparently knows things nobody is aware of, like the Fairytale that Ut tells Yersinia in order to feed her. It's the first sign that things are inexorably changing…