Le vie dei mestieri - UT 2 cover

Series: UT

N°: 2

Frequency: monthly

Le vie dei mestieri

Introduction: Ut and Iranon go on the tracks of a vandal who's defacing the works of a genetic sculptor!

Barcode: 977197112700360025

Release: 28/04/2016

Price: 4,40




Plot, artwork and cover: Corrado Roi
Script: Paola Barbato

While looking for some clue about his past, Iranon meets Labieno, a genetic sculptor who creates partially alive works of art. He asks him for help, promising her information about Hog and the Houses, and manages to persuade him and Ut to go on the tracks of a mysterious vandal that is defacing his creations. Iranon and Ut have the chance to see some of the living artwork and their suffering touches both of them, though in different ways. In order to gather information about Labieno they'll have to face the sculptor's enemies and save themselves from the madness of a strange animated gate…