Il mistero dei terrestri - Asteroide Argo 9 cover

Series: Asteroide Argo

N°: 9

Frequency: annual

Il mistero dei terrestri

Introduction: To go back to their spacetime, and wipe the Cramos away: an impossible mission for Asteroide Argo!

Barcode: 977182822800660009

Release: 29/01/2016





While the terrifying power of the diabolical critters, the Cramos, is spreading out into the whole galaxy, the Argo crew must try its best to fix the asteroid's engines, before they can nurse any hope of going back to their spacetime. But moving around, in planet Earth's prehistoric times, is more complicated than they expected; but maybe Helen, Jack, Obaru and the others will be the ones to find out the secret of the unbelievable origin of life on our planet!...