Panni sporchi

Series: Julia

N°: 210

Frequency: monthly

Panni sporchi

Introduction: What happened to Gwen Calloway, a young teacher who has been the victim of an attack and apparently vanished into thin air?

Barcode: 977112717700560210

Release: 01/03/2016





Two killers shot a young teacher, Gwen Calloway, opening fire just before the dismayed eyes of her pupils. The two men, their faces hidden by helmets, ran away on a bike and killed a passerby. Severely injured, Gwen is rescued and taken to a hospital... where she inexplicably vanishes from her room! Did someone kidnap her? Julia and the Garden City police department try to shed some light on the folds of what appears to be a very quiet life, looking for a clue that can help them solve the case...