La reliquia perduta - Dragonero 37 cover

Series: Dragonero

N°: 37

Frequency: monthly

La reliquia perduta

Introduction: Dragonero rides on a stagecoach, where all the passengers hide some obscure secret!

Barcode: 977228243000460037

Release: 08/06/2016

Price: 4,40





While in West Erondàr on an patrolling mission, Ian & Gmor accidentally meet an old friend who works as a stagecoach driver, and they agree to travel with him for a while. The coach's passengers are: a magistrate with his niece, an attractive merchant woman and a young Destinian monk. While fording a river, their stagecoach is swept by the waters and Ian, who tried to rescue the passengers, is carried away, too. It's just the beginning of a terrible adventure that will take our heroes to a dark place, haunted by the ancient spirit of a guardian ghost. In the end they will find out that someone in the group is not what they purport to be, and nothing is happening by chance, here.