Prima del traguardo - Julia 208 cover

Series: Julia

N°: 208

Frequency: monthly

Prima del traguardo

Introduction: An investigation about the poisoning of a horse turns into a tense killer-hunt!

Barcode: 977112717700560208

Release: 02/01/2016





Julia is called back to the quiet town of Goldwater by an old acquaintance of hers: the former head of the town police force, Rolin Darby, who asks her to visit with him. The arrival of a celebrity like our Garden City criminologist may contribute to the resurgence of this spa town, but she can also be a useful resource in solving a case of poisoning of a racehorse. While she begins her investigation, focusing on the interests centered around the purebred horse, Julia is called by a photographer, a woman who promises to meet the criminologist at the old abandoned Carnival, in order to make important revelations. Once Julia gets there, though, a dramatic surprise is waiting for her...