L'abisso guarderà dentro di te - Hellnoir 3 cover

Series: Hellnoir

N°: 3

Frequency: monthly

L'abisso guarderà dentro di te

Introduction: Blanche Deville's life is in the clutches of a dark demon, the Lord of fury and destruction!

Barcode: 977197112700350021

Release: 24/12/2015





Blanche Deville is beautiful. A gorgeous woman. So much that she’s been chosen among thousands of other young women to be offered up to a dark demon, the Lord of fury and destruction. While Inspector Cassie Soul is getting increasingly nearer to her murderers, Mel manages to find the girl in the midst of the endless, infernal mass of bodies called Hellnoir. But it won’t be easy to speak to Blanche. A powerful and noble Daem claimed the woman as his own. And a dark, scorpion-ridden pit, awaits those who will be crazy enough to get close to her...