Animali selvaggi

Series: Orfani: Ringo

N°: 10

Frequency: monthly

Animali selvaggi

Introduction: The Gunman vs. The Boyscout: the second round begins!

Barcode: 977228330200350022

Release: 16/07/2015

Price: 5,90






A ghastly Milan greets the group of increasingly more desperate runaways, led by Ringo. An unhealthy and deserted city, where our heroes have to suffer pangs of hunger, packs of fierce wolves and an ambushing Raven, Jonas. An unexpected turn of events is in wait for Ringo, who will find himself face to face with an old comrade-in-arms of his. It’s the beginning of the tense final run of Orfani’s second season: one after another, the former-Gunman, Rosa, Seba & Nuè will have to meet with their fate.