Tabula rasa

Series: Orfani: Ringo

N°: 9

Frequency: monthly

Tabula rasa

Introduction: A lethal snowfall of radioactive ashes forces Ringo and the kids into the claws of a mad tribe!

Barcode: 977228330200350021

Release: 16/06/2015

Price: 5,90






Ringo, Seba, Nuè and Rosa's exhausting northbound trip is still going on. In a territory that becomes increasingly frosty and bleak, a Po Valley shrouded in coils of mist, our heroes trudge on under a heavy snowfall of lethal radioactive ashes, only to end up into the claws of a tribe led by a raving mad chief and crazed by the pangs of hunger. The group plunges into an authentic nightmare, while Rosa's body apparently isn't able to stand the increasing pressure she's under anymore; meanwhile, Ringo falls into a delirious state after he's been forcefully injected with a mysterious substance.