Avventura Magazine Micheluzzi

Series: Avventura Magazine

Frequency: annual

Avventura Magazine Micheluzzi

Introduction: It's debut time for “Avventura Magazine”, with a monographic volume about a Master of comics: Attilio Micheluzzi!

Barcode: 977112262632450133

Release: 23/05/2015

Price: 7,50

Plot, script, artwork and cover: Attilio Micheluzzi

The 240 full-color pages of the first issue of our new “Avventura Magazine” are entirely devoted to Attilio Micheluzzi. We’ll trace back the career of this “architect of adventures”, with dossiers about the late author and in-depth files for each of the four stories we republish for this occasion: "L'uomo del Tanganyka" and "L'uomo del Khyber" (originally in the series “Un Uomo, un'Avventura”), "Shanghai" (an episode from "Rosso Stenton") and "Air Mail", the first adventure of the series bearing the same name. A highly prized volume, that will represent a well-deserved homage to a true Master of the Ninth Art!