L'immagine perduta

Series: Julia

N°: 200

Frequency: monthly

L'immagine perduta

Introduction: Julia celebrates her N.200 with a full-color detective story!

Barcode: 977112717700550200

Release: 02/05/2015

Plot: Giancarlo Berardi

Script: Giancarlo Berardi and Lorenzo Calza

Artwork: Cristiano Spadoni

Colors: Arianna Florean

Cover: Cristiano Spadoni

A photographer, Evlyn Wescott, became blind after an accident in his studio that cost his wife her life. Several years after that tragic event, Wescott is now the victim of a string of attempts against his own life which he fortuitously eludes, managing to have a narrow escape. When a model he worked with before gets killed, the photographer starts thinking that the murder might be linked to one of his old pictures, and asks Julia to shed some light on the situation...

La videorassegna delle copertine più rappresentative della serie.
Artwork by Marco Soldi and Cristiano Spadoni.