Myrna: Bloody Pulp

Series: Julia

N°: 193

Frequency: monthly

Myrna: Bloody Pulp

Introduction: It's time for Myrna to stage another twisted game, seductive and deadly at the same time!

Barcode: 977112717700540193

Release: 01/10/2014





A man is found butchered in an apartment. The signs on his body leave no doubt, and the police is convinced that the murder can be ascribed to Myrna. Julia is immediately taken under protection by the authorities; while the criminologist is mulling over her morbid relationship with the heinous criminal, Myrna is actually back into action! She kidnapped Charlotte Fryberg and is keeping her locked inside the panic room of her own house, forcing the publisher of the “Bloody Pulp” magazine to a twisted and subtle seduction game that involves her boyfriend, Dustin, who’s also kept as a prisoner inside the same house; but Myrna is also coercing Charlotte to write one of her blood-ridden short stories... based on the life of a ruthless serial killer called Myrna Harrod!