La prima missione

Series: Speciale Dragonero

N°: 1

Frequency: annual

La prima missione

Introduction: Dragonero's world, for the first time in full color!

Barcode: 977238485600940001

Release: 31/07/2014

Price: 7,90






In an inn in Solian, Ian and Gmor are having a good time with a group of friends, and the easygoing atmosphere allows Dragonero to tell a story about his past. Six years ago, after the trial that ruled his expulsion from the Empire Raiders corps, Ian reached his Orc friend in an isolated monastery, where he retreated to find some peace. A request for help by three monks, who got lost in the inaccessible Nomeidei mountains, is the beginning of an adventure that will bring the two heroes to a lost library, looking for a magic grimoire protected by an ancient Demon and his oscure servants!