Bentornato in Zona X

Series: Maxi Martin Mystère

N°: 5

Frequency: annual

Bentornato in Zona X

Introduction: Three classic imaginary adventures, starring the Detective of the Impossible!

Barcode: 977182645400140005

Release: 04/07/2014





What is Zona X? It’s a liminal place between the impossible and reality, a place where anything can happen. More than 20 years after their first appearance at the newsstands’, we’ll welcome back three imaginary tales with Martin Mystère as their hero. “Benvenuti in Zona”, “Maghi e Computer” and “Impossibile realtà”: three self-concluding adventures, three alternative realities, three different ways to unleash our fantasy, among conspiracies, time-machines, apocalypsis, devils (from Hell) and… lobsters!?!