Series: Julia

N°: 187

Frequency: monthly


Introduction: Determined to crush a criminal organization, Julia is getting ready to spend some time behind bars!

Barcode: 977112717700540187

Release: 01/04/2014





In Garden City, a big criminal cartel is managing a huge drug-trafficking business. Velia Cunningham, the boss’ widow, is running the show, though she’s now imprisoned. The woman manages to run her illegal activities from jail, too, and to preside over a delicate changing of power inside the gang, with her son as the designated successor. A police woman who went undercover to try and find out Velia’s next moves is exposed and killed, and the best choice to replace her is Julia. A fierce opposition by Webb notwithstanding, District Attorney Robson gives the green light to the operation— an unrecognizable Julia crosses the penitentiary doors: a blond, tattoed girl with a nose-piercing... will this disguise be enough for her to survive behind bars?