Series: Speciale Zagor

N°: 26


Introduction: The dead are coming back to life and horror unleashes in Cloudy Hill!

Barcode: 977112366100340026

Release: 26/03/2014





Zagor helps Marshall Kowalsky to catch Frost, a dangerous runaway bandit. Once in jail, the criminal dies in strange circumstances. While Cloudy Hill MD, Dr. Bronsky, tries to find out the causes of Frost’s death, the bandit reawakens on the morgue slab, and tries to kill the doctor before fleeing. The man is not the first one to “reawaken” after death: in the last few days already a couple of corpses appear to have left their graves and have been spotted near town. These "zombies" are reportedly endowed with a superhuman strenght and an homicidal madness: they must be stopped, before other people lose their lives. Above all, though, it’s vital to find out why, all of a sudden, the dead are walking back on the Earth!...