Piccoli spaventati guerrieri

Series: Orfani

N°: 1

Piccoli spaventati guerrieri

Introduction: Here's the Orfani, the first full-color series by Casa Editrice Bonelli!

Barcode: 977228330200330001

Release: 16/10/2013

Price: 5,90

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The past: a strange alien force trasformed half of the Earth in a smoking crater. Led by Dr. Juric and General Nakamura, a squad of kids undergoes a severe training, aimed to transform them in the best-trained army in history. It’s the beginning of a march towards Adventure for Jonas, Ringo, Juno, Hector, Rey, Felix and Sam.The present: a spaceship lands on the planet the aggression came from, with the task of finding the destructive weapon and wipe it out. When the lethal aliens appear, they’re stymied by a band of undomitable warriors: the Orphans.