La vita è un incubo

Series: Julia

N°: 179

Frequency: monthly

La vita è un incubo

Introduction: A man haunted by a dreadful nightmare: a dream or a reflection of reality?

Barcode: 977112717700530179

Release: 01/08/2013






Two hands that seize the body of a girl and violently push it down a cliff, to certain death! That’s the point of his nightmare where Reed Coleman always wakes up, soaked in sweat, his heart racing. Reed’s been so obsessed by this dream, he began to fear it could be the reflection of something that really happened. A dreadful reflection, where Reed is a killer... or something he could have forgot, after his severe accident and the concussion. Now he asks Leo Baxter and Julia for help, to ascertain how much of it is real and not just a fantasy...