Nella buona e nella cattiva sorte

Series: Julia

N°: 178

Frequency: monthly

Nella buona e nella cattiva sorte

Introduction: A bride slaughtered at the altar: Julia joins the district to find the instigator of the murder!

Barcode: 977112717700530178

Release: 02/07/2013





Frank De Stefani, head of the SWAT team, is getting married. What was to be a day full of happiness and hope, though, becomes a tragic bloodbath! A suicide attacker kills the bride and then takes is own life in front of the terrorized guests! To find the reason for this horrible and spectacular action, Julia joins the Garden City police in the investigation. Maybe the root of such a heinous crime is in De Stefani’s past, and the murder/suicide is only the last chapter of an act of revenge...