Agenzia Alfa n. 28

Series: Agenzia Alfa

N°: 28

Frequency: four-monthly

Agenzia Alfa n. 28

Introduction: No rest for the Alfa agents, from the deepest recesses of Eurasia to the forests of Mars!

Barcode: 977112556000730028

Release: 25/06/2013





Trappola sul mare
Plot and script: Stefano Piani
Artwork: Anna Lazzarini

During their holidays on a ultra-modern sailing boat, the Alfa agents May and Branko help a young woman in danger. But when they try to save her husband, who’s kept prisoner on another boat, May and Branko spring a diabolical trap...

Uomo o macchina?
Plot and script: Davide Rigamonti
Artwork: Emanuele Boccanfuso


Nathan Never and the android Link have to escort a man accused of several crimes to the Agenzia Alfa HQ. But this villain – who has been subjected to scaring bionic transplants – is also the target of a criminal organization that wants to get rid of him...

Il bersaglio
Plot and script: Mirko Perniola
Artwork: Ivan Zoni

An apparently ordinary day, at Agenzia Alfa, when all of a sudden on all the agents’ computers a mysterious figure appears, revealing that the building has been undermined. Our heroes will have to race against the clock to defuse the bomb and realize the true plans of the unknown blackmailer...

Come un ladro nella notte
Plot and script: Giovanni Eccher
Artwork: Lucia Arduini

On a mission in a faraway corner of Eurasia, May is charged with the recovery of the prototype of a new kind of detonator. Realizing she won’t be able to do it alone, the agent will have to ask an unlikely and very young partner for help...

Due contro tutti
Soggetto e sceneggiatura: Mirko Perniola
Disegni: Alessia Martusciello


Sent to Mars to solve a territorial controversy, the director of Agenzia Alfa, Elania Elmore, is kidnapped by a group of rebellious Martian settlers. The task of saving her is given to Nathan Never...