Maxi Dampyr n° 2

Series: Maxi Dampyr

N°: 2

Maxi Dampyr n° 2

Introduction: A shocking trip inside the pages of a book, and a heart of stone that only beats for revenge!

Barcode: 977203653700300002

Release: 28/07/2010

Price: 7,90






Plot and script: Alessandro Baggi, Mauro Boselli, Diego Cajelli e Maurizio Colombo
Artwork: Alessandro Baggi

An infernal book, emerged from the Theater Library, cause in the people who leaf through it incredible hallucinations and dangerous experiences, when the tales in its pages come to life. Harlan faces a shapeless monster and a living island; Kurjak has to tangle with a hallucinating celebration and an unpredictable tattoo master; Tesla becomes a child again and is tempted by a young Samael, while Caleb Lost is at risk of falling in love with a beautiful she-devil.


Plot and script: Diego Cajelli
Artwork: Alessandro Baggi

A heart of stone that’s been beating for revenge for a century. A family oppressed by a bloody curse, and a magical castle in the heart of Bavaria…