Maxi Dampyr n° 1

Series: Maxi Dampyr

N°: 1

Frequency: annual

Maxi Dampyr n° 1

Introduction: A demon living inside an old vessel, a magical wood, and a jungle infested by vampires...

Barcode: 977203653700390001

Release: 28/07/2009

Price: 7,90




Il Signore delle Vespe
Plot and script: Diego Cajelli
Artwork: Maurizio Dotti

A horrible legend about the “Thousand-spiked Demon from Hell” becomes true in Brighton, England, where the ghost hunter, Maud Nightingale, with his friend Utterson bought the wrong thing at an auction of old artifacts. Caught in the middle between killer wasps and ruthless Chinese gangsters, their only hope is the Dampyr’s help...

Il segreto del bosco
Plot and script: Diego Cajelli
Artwork: Giuliano Piccininno

Who doesn’t know Bomarzo’s “magic wood”? But what’s its real secret? Two self-appointed American alchemists try to find out, performing human sacrifices in the park created by Vicino Orsini. But they make a mistake when they use the Dampyr’s blood...

Ombre nella giungla
Plot and script: Michele Masiero
Artwork: Oliviero Gramaccioni

Undeads have been seen in the forest of Pantanal, and they appearingly formed a pack without a Master... Harlan and his friends descend the river, to face one of their most dangerous adventures …