Almanacco del Giallo 2010

Series: Almanacco Del Giallo

N°: 6

Almanacco del Giallo 2010

Introduction: An investigation in Garden City's Armenian Quarter, for a young Julia!

Barcode: 977112262630000103

Release: 22/05/2010

Price: 8,50





Il caso di Magnolia Drive

Plot: Giancarlo Berardi
Script: Giancarlo Berardi e Lorenzo Calza
Artwork: Claudio Piccoli
Cover: Laura Zuccheri

Magnolia Drive passes through an area with many projects, populated, for the most part, by immigrants not at all integrated in the fabric of the city. In Garden City’s Armenian Quarter, a young children doctor, Miss Warren, is found after being brutally killed. Once again, Julia finds herself collaborating with her mentor, Professor Cross, in an investigation that delves in the harsh reality of these displaced people — they’ll have to try and understand if Kor Roslin, a young man who has a record as a previous offender, could really be the perpetrator of the violent murder. This year’s Almanacco also features full-color files about in-marriage murders, the great cinematic robberies, and the masters of the “Legal Thriller”, along with a comprehensive overview of books, movies, TV series and videogames of the Crime and Detective Year.