Almanacco del Giallo 2009

Series: Almanacco Del Giallo

N°: 5

Almanacco del Giallo 2009

Introduction: A mangled body is found at the bottom of a well: it's time for young Julia to investigate!

Barcode: 977112262630090097

Release: 23/05/2009





Il caso della luna nel pozzo

Script: Giancarlo Berardi
Plot: Giancarlo Berardi and Maurizio Mantero
Artwork: Steve Boraley
Cover: Laura Zuccheri

When Julia was still a young and promising student, her criminology professor, Mr. Cross, used to take her with him to teach her their trade in the field. That's how they came to face a body fished out of the depths of a well. Disfigured by the water and the tortures it endured, the body was identified only by a tattoo. The investigation about the past of the victim could begin, and this way Julia met the room-mate of the deceased – he's an up-and-coming novelist called Eldred Herron, whose charm isn't lost on the young criminologist-to- be… This year's Almanacco also features an overview of the year: movies, tv series, books and videogames of the thriller and detective genre, along with full-colour files about writer James Ellroy, Jules Dassin films, and journalists turned investigators.