Almanacco del Giallo 2008

Series: Almanacco Del Giallo

N°: 4

Almanacco del Giallo 2008

Introduction: The shadow of the Yakuza looms over Garden City!

Barcode: 977112262630080091

Release: 23/05/2008





Il caso della carpa e del dragone

Plot and script: Giancarlo Berardi
Artwork: Roberto Zaghi
Cover: Laura Zuccheri

A new adventure of the "Soul Investigator" from her time in college… Julia helps his criminology professor, summoned on the scene of a bloodbath, inside the house of the renowned Yakuza boss, Koichi Nagamori, who was the only one to survive the gunfight. To try and understand the environment where the crime took place, the young criminologist decides to visit Garden City's Asian quarter. That's where Julia meets Jiro, brilliant and charming owner of a sophisticated store. They begin dating, but the shadow of the Yakuza threatens their future… The Almanacco also features dossiers about Brian De Palma, "the director who wanted to be Hitchcock", the ”XXL” detectives, from Nero Wolfe to commissaire Maigret, and murderers on the phone...