Almanacco del Giallo 2005

Series: Almanacco Del Giallo

N°: 1

Almanacco del Giallo 2005

Introduction: Women detectives in cinema and literature, thrillers with Audrey Hepburn as the leading actress and the unpredictable "feline threats"!

Barcode: 977112262630050073

Release: 25/05/2005





Il mio primo caso

Plot and Script: Giancarlo Berardi
Artwork: Laura Zuccheri
Cover: Marco Soldi

A leap into the past for Julia, back to the days when she was on her first case, at the time when she was not much more than a girl attending criminology courses. The Almanacco del Giallo 2005 is enriched by a series of articles dedicated to women detectives in cinema and literature, thrillers starring Audrey Hepburn and unpredictable “feline threats”