Agenzia Alfa n. 8

Series: Agenzia Alfa

N°: 8

Frequency: semestral

Agenzia Alfa n. 8

Barcode: 977112556000710008

Release: 14/06/2001




Subject and script: Stefano Piani
Artwork: Francesco Bastianoni
Subject and script: Stefano Piani
Artwork: Ernestino Michelazzo
Ritorno a casa
Subject and script: Stefano Vietti
Artwork: Andrea Mutti

Another number devoted to the Agenzia Alfa, with three exciting complete stories. In the first, a solo case for Andy Havilland, who’s been charged with no less than his sister Sonja’s murder. In the second adventure, Nathan and Sigmund have to get to grips with a sophisticated super-modern residential complex, the Beehive Center, which appears to be infested by obscure presences; finally, we will make an incursion into the past of the youngest of the Agenzia’s operatives, Luke Sanders, who has sworn to be true to a solemn oath of death.